Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year, Y'all!

Man, it's been a long time since I've posted anything here.  I've been a little busy!!  One of the biggest changes lately is that little Lulu started running like a lightening bolt walking!!  So, most of my day is busy chasing after her and of course, if she catches me actually chasing her, she just giggles and goes even faster!  I have been busy doing some "arps and craps" as my niece, Lola says.  I'll be posting pictures of those!!  It's been fun!  I also got a few new toys since my last post and I'll have to share those too!
Let's see - a week into the new year already and suffice it to say the diet that is supposed to be in swing has been pushed to the wayside, as I am still on "vacation" and just got through topping off gooey pizza with a sugar cookie - the second of the day!  Oh, well, you only live once, right? And besides, I'll correct that when I drink my diet coke this afternoon, right?!?!  You see my logic??  Makes sense to me!  We are in Alabama right now - visiting hubby's fam.  We already visited my fam in Georgia.  Thankfully, my Meme is better and will be getting out the hospital for the third time in about a month-month and a half.  It was very sad - she was in CVICU - ICU for hearts - the whole time we were there, which sucked on a whole other level, because Lulu wasn't allowed to visit her.  So, she did what we refer to as the "flower tour" - over and over.  She loved it!!  She would find a favorable adult shaped sucker and go up to said sucker and look all pitiful and whine and finally be picked up and then she'd point and grunt - which meant "let's go!"  So, said sucker would take her out of the waiting room and down the hall and back into the other side of the waiting room looking at all the pictures of the flowers on the walls. And DON'T think you (if you were the sucker in question) could skip even one picture - even if it wasn't on your direct path - because she'd let you know you went the wrong way and you'd better go back or there was a fit in the brewing!  Seriously, it was hilarious - the biggest, longest acting sucker was my cousin's hub, Chris.  Little Lulu and I have been learning sign language and by the time she and Chris almost made the first complete circle, he asked, "Are you done or do you want more?".  And of course, she starts signing "more".  So, from then on, once she saw the last picture (in the waiting room), she started signing "more, more, more".  I think she probably did that a couple of hours, if you add up all the times she went every day we were there!!  She LOVED it!!
See....MORE< MORE>MORE!!!!

So, um, have you been stalking blogs? I have (head down).  Just kidding - I really have been and will soon be adding a feature to my blog to link to these I stalk on a regular basis.

Well, I'm off to watch 'How to Train Your Dragon' with the fam.  I'll post more on my craftiness later!!