Friday, August 20, 2010


Lulu LOVED the flight over to see Grandma Nene and Pop!!  We all had a great time!!


i HEART s'mores...


*chocolate $3.00
*marshmellows $1.50
*graham crackers (or holders for chocolate and marshmellows) $2.50
fun with the sil - PRICELESS!!


I picked up 2 8x10 pics of my little sweetie for FREE!!  (one for me, one for my mom.  mil already has hers).
I also received a free pair of girls' goodnites pants (for MUCH later) and a copy of babytalk mag!!

Look what arrived today....

Most of the  prize I won here arrived in grand condition.  Sadly, the yummy ironstone platter and old birdies did not make the trip *sigh*.  Thanks again, Miss Mustard Seed!!!

target savings

oust - reg $2.99  clearance $1.48 - $1.25/each Q = 23 cents each

downy - 70 load - reg $7.14  clearance $3.57 - $1 Q = 2.57

greenworks multisurface dilutable cleaner - reg $2.54   clearance
$1.28 - $1/2 Q =  $1.56/2 or 78 cents each

glad forceflex garbage bags (34 ct)  reg $6.84  clearance $5.81 - $1 TQ -
$1 man Q = $3.81


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's been a while...

Hey y'all. Sorry, it's been a while.  We've been really busy, busy, busy around here.  First off, we had Lola and my sister in law up last week - for a week of scrapbook and sewing fun!  We had a good time, but unfortunately, it was a LONG drive there and back (3 1/2 hours oneway). Right now, we are actually as I type this, in Alabama visiting the hub's fam (parents, sister, bro in law, nephews).  Today, we had a really yummy oh-so-easy to make tortilla pie/casserole for my MIL's birthday, followed by a chocolate steam cake. Then, this evening, my brother in law and I both got roped into this LLLOOOONNNGGGG game of LIFE - *yawn* - seemed to last for-ever!  I ended up with only $865,000.  Sounds good, huh? Not so much.  Everyone else had $1.8 million to $2.2 million....oh well, I didn't want to play anyway.  But I was the po-po - I got $5,000 every time anyone spun a "10".  My MIL paid me A LOT!  We'll be here until Wednesday night and then we fly back home.  Thursday and Friday will be a whirlwind of cleaning, unpacking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and cleaning.  My parents are flying out to see us on Friday nite.  Lulu and I will go and pick them up at the airport.  Woohoo!!  So, poor little Lulu is gonna have 3 weeks straight of spoilage!!  She's certainly gonna stink to high-heaven when we're done!!  I have a lot of shopping trips to post, but I left my receipts at home.  So, I'll post those later.

I also have exciting news!  My church has decided to start a "branch" of Angel Food Ministry and I volunteered to be the head of the committee.  I"M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!  You should check them out at:    They actually just help provide good, quality food at reasonable prices.  ANYONE can order and utilize this great ministry - if you eat, you qualify!!  More to follow...


My mama and I are working on getting stuff together for a kitchen set and tea set for little Lulu.  She'll probably get it next year for Christmas.  I found this cute little tea set at Once Upon a Child for $6.50.
Actually, I saw it a couple of visits and just didn't have the money to get it.  As soon as I did, I zoomed down and bought it.  I think it's a steal!!  It even came with a clear plastic bag (upper left hand corner).  All dishes needed for a Mommy and Me Tea Date - complete with tea bags, spoons, and cake.  However, the single, lone slice of cake presents a problem - enter FELT and FABRIC FOOD FRENZY.  I have been downloading pictures off the internet - blogs, patterns, etsy shops - like crazy!!  Also, Grandma Cookie gave me a cute (even if REALLY old school) pattern for sewn veggies.  I also found one at Hobby Lobby on sale (99cents) - cakes, cupcakes, fruits and veggies - even has a recycle/reusable shopping bag!  So, FELT AND FABRIC FOOD FRENZY is ON!!
Here are the first of the goodies I've made - no pattern - just "made it up" - which happens more often than not with my stuff!

More to come.....