Friday, July 23, 2010

Ever been busy?

Sorry it's been a couple of busy days!! It never turns out quite like you think, does it? What? you ask - well, in my life, typically, nothing!! Lulu and I have been very busy girls!! Thankfully,
I have had some FAB shopping trips in the last 3 days - kinda helps make up for all the other junk going on! Pictures and details to follow!!
Right now, I wanted to mention a few cool giveaways I found on websites I follow.

Amy is giving away a set of Bummas cloth wipes:

she's also giving away some uber cool reusable produce bags:


Ms Deal-icious found a great prize!! A custom mousepad - in several shapes - COMPLETELY free - mine has already shipped!! (my kinda deal!)

Sorry about the necessity of having to copy and paste the links - or you can just go to the site and find them - I'm still learning, and apparently haven't found the right key combo to make it work!!


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