Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sew Cute

I went to our church sewing club today - all day - 12 hours (even though I didn't make it that long today - I was late) of sewing, laughing, stories, cutting out 17 squares instead of 12, undoing what you just sewed (sometimes 3 times over). I LOVE IT!! The first day I went, which was several months ago, I "won" an honorable position - the youngest! Honestly, these girls completely crack me up!!! Today, I finally finished a tote bag I started before Lulu was born - in fact, I may have started it a long time before her - when she was just a prayer. Anyway, I love to repurpose things. I actually cut up an old quilted robe and added an inside layer of fabric, and TA-DA - I got a bag! Not really sure what I'm gonna do with it, but it is finished. I left it out in the car, however. I will post a picture of it soon. I also started on Lulu's crib quilt today, with the help of my good friend, Grandma Cookie (THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!! You're my hero) I got a cool freebie today - not in my mailbox, but from our waitress at Applebees. I got hubby a bag of Guatemalan Starbucks coffee!! Woohoo! So, I traded those girls for the Golden Girls (affectionately called "the girls") here at home. I just watched the one where Blanche won tickets to see "Mr. Burt Reynolds" and the girls go to stay in a hotel for the weekend (because they have termites and have to tent the house) and they are caught in a hooker raid. I HEART my girls - both sets!! Oh, and Lulu and I got 2 surprises today - a pattern for stuffed fruits and veggies (I'm making her food to go with her soft tea set - stay tuned - more to follow) Well, I'm very tired, so.... Good nite, blogworld!


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