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This was my Wednesday $1.08 CVS run!  I bought the M&Ms 2/$1 with $1ECB back.  The Pantyliners were 2/$1 with $1ECB back too!  So, I bought the M&Ms and just rolled the ECB to buy the liners until I hit my limit (8)!!  I know the shelf tag said something about one offer per family, but the limit prints out on the bottom of the receipt, so, YAY!


This was the load of goodies I bought from Randalls - the first time I really paid attention to using ecoupons AND paper coupons - somethings weren't even on sale, but I still got them free plus a profit! Here's the breakdown:
*C&H sugar - 4# - $2.29 - 0.50 Q - 0.50 doubled Q = $1.29
*Betty Crocker Brownie Supreme Mixes $2.29/ea - (4) 0.75 eQs for
2 = $1.58/2 then 0.75/2 printed Q = 0.83 total for 2 or 0.42 each
*bell peppers - 3/$1
*baby carrots - 2# bags x 2
*celery - $1.59
*onion - 0.52
*Mott's apple juice - sale - $1.49
*Nature Valley Nut Clusters - $3.69 - regular price - rather high in my opinion,
but, I had 4 ecoupons for $1.00, plus another $1 printed coupon
*Betty Crocker Warm Delights bowl - I have tried one of these (choc) and didn't like it,
but I plan to let Hunny try them or donate them (I got 3 free at CVS last week) -
HOWEVER - this one is chocolate chip - figured I'd give it a whirl!
$1.79 - (3) 0.50 ecoupons - (1) 0.75 ecoupon - 0.50 printed Q - 0.50 doubled Q =
free + $1.46 profit!
*Dole Pineapple (8oz cans) x 3 - 89c each (Hunny needed these for a cake he's making) -
-0.50 man Q  -0.50 doubled Q = 1.67/3 or 56c each
*Yoplait Yogurt Delights - $2.29 - (2) $1.00 eQs - 0.50 printed Q - 0.50 doubled Q -
so free plus 0.71 profit!
*Little Debbie oatmeal creme pies - sale $1 - who can resist?  apparently not me - I nabbed
a box - I explained it away by saying, only a dollar, and the hubs likes 'em too! (excuses, excuses) - but you know with all i made off the yogurt and chocolate chip thingy, why not? It's not like they're gonna give me money!
*Ground beef 80/20 - about 3 1/3 # @ 1.99/# - $6.65 - more than I wanted to spend, but I needed some meat and the stuff I have/bought goes better with beef - it was the best deal!

Now, I did this in 2 different transactions - the first with stuff for church and the veggies, sugar, and brownie mixes - that transaction was $20.21, but that was $10 worth of chicken and buns for wednesday night supper and the veggies are mostly for the veggie tray I"m making - a few for us here this week.  However, the second tranaction had the $6.65 of ground beef, juice, warm delights bowl, pineapple, yogurt, and little debbies - for only $7.33 - so you could look at it like I paid for my ground beef and got the rest for less than a buck!!


These were my Wal-Mart Deals:

*Huevos de Calidad eggs - 18 ct - $1.68 - 0.75 printed Q = 0.93
*Kids N Pets Stain Remover $4.68/ea - both free after MIR (mail
in rebate) - one from their facebook page and one from WalMart -
normally wouldn't have spent almost $10 on this, but I actually used my "rebate money" - I got 3 checks this past week to total $17.99 from rebates!!  It pays to get MIR stuff if you can afford it!!  And actually after several times shopping like I have, I was able to do that and not spend much at all!
*Raisinettes - 6 pack - yummy to my tummy - $2.88 - $1Q = $1.88
decent price for "big girl prize" as my Lola says
*Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce 0.94
*Cream of Chicken Soup (great value) - 0.78 - for my Daddy's Dumplins - maybe I'll post that easy breezy
recipe!! It's yummy with english peas and onion (optional).
*Black-eyed peas (great value) - 0.72 - to eat with rice later in the week
*Libby's Naturals Whole Kernel Corn - 0.68 - free with Q - this was the only place that carried Libby's!
*StarKist tuna pouches - on rollback 0.70 each (regular price 0.98) - B2G1F - so $1.40/3 or 0.47 each - not bad for lunch (add mayo, pickles, bread - that I will already have anyways)
*9 pack wash cloths (utility cloths according to label) - $3 - to use for reusable swiffer cloths found here:
However, she got a MUCH better deal than I did - 18/$2 - but I'm happy with my 3 bucks spent - less than a refill of wet OR dry cloths - I plan to just double up on the wash cloths - or rather, put a 1/2 cloth in instead of the towel she uses.  The other day, I used a doubled up piece of and old tshirt!!


Ah, Walgreens - $4.02 -
*3-10pk sheet protectors - 0.29 each = 0.87
*Dole Pear cups - 0.85 clearance (for me AND Lulu)
*Sweet Oil - walgreen's brand - clearance 75% off - 0.82
*Liquid Paper - 0.59
*Pilot G2 pens (pack of 2) - $1.19 sale - $1WQ (Walgreen's Q)=0.19
*Butterfinger - sale (w/WQ) = 0.39 (good price for chocolate)


And, last but not least Hobby Lobby (or THE Hob Lob, according
to Lola)
*4th of July clock (complete w/scrolly stand, only needs hands) - 90%
off clearance - so I scored this for $1.29 - will refinish with scrapbook
paper and modge podge (which I already have in my stash)
*clock hands - $2.99 - 40% HL Q = $1.79 (so a new clock for Lulu's room for about $3.08 - not as low as it could be, but it will match her decor!!)
*stuffed animals for Lulu - frog and snail - 0.60 each
*Simplicity pattern for felt food for Lulu - sale 99c
*Thanksgiving stamp - for this year's card - so I won't show too up close up :) (oh yeah, price of $1.52 clearance) I will use card stock I already have - may or may not buy envelopes - I think I still have some - so Thanksgiving cards for the fam for $1.52!! Yay!

.I forgot the "special"
Hobby Lobby stuff - this is for the babies party - Lulu and her friend, Little-Big J - we're doing their first birthday with a Flintstones theme - with her being Pebbles and him being Bamm-Bamm.  So, I found this cute pattern for my (wilma's) dress - also on sale for 99c.  Also, I'm gonna decorate the babies plates for their cakes.  These were on 90% off clearance - for only 0.69 each!!

<--  First Bday plates my friend Chasity had for her twins' first bday

These are the plates I'm gonna -->
use for ours!


Target Deal - $0.51 transaction

2 Armour Alls - $3.99/ea sale -$3/2 T Q - $3/2 man Q - $2/1 man Q = Free + 0.02 overage
Diet Coke (half gone! yum!) $1.49 - $1Q from Facebook boost


Now for FREEBIES in my mailbox -
*Starbucks Via sample - for the hubs'
hiking trip
*Luvs Coupons
*Aveeno shampoo/conditioner sample and coupon

*Eos shaving cream sample                       --->
*Pretty in Pink Earplugs sample and coupon

**All freebies are strictly "sign up and request" - on company websites and facebook - I was not offered any of these in exchange for advertisement.

Have you gotten a good deal???  Post a comment!

Thanks for reading!


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