Monday, July 19, 2010

General musing and wonderingment....

Sitting here eating a cold biscuit, pondering the complexities of, seriously, just waiting for my spaghetti-o's to warm. Has any mother out there ever shaved her legs while sitting in the bathtub with a 9 month old in between them?? Oooh, oooh, I have!! It was hilarious! You should have seen, wait, not so much - that's yuck! But anyways, soooo funny! It all started when we went downstairs to get the stroller out of the trunk. I packed up little bit and down to storage we walked. I parked her right inside the building so she could catch a breeze. I was pouring buckets of sweat in the back of the unit while attempting to find material for tomorrow's sewing club. I have become addicted!! I mean, I sewed before, but now....woah! look out!! People randomly walked and drove by and no one stopped that I'm aware of, until....I hear a dog collar jangling and I stand up from my crouch to see little bit. I hear someone talking - close - so I walk to the front of the unit, only to hear "...there's no way...". I look out and see this lady walking her weenie dog - she's about my age (lady, not dog - at least I don't think dog, but who can tell?). I can tell my her expression, she thought the baby was out there alone. I assured her I did not leave my child and my garage full of stuff just sitting there for the first taker... She apologized and said she wasn't meaning to "check up" on her, but... I said, no, thank you for checking, no one else did. It was nice to meet someone else (nice) from the complex. So, Miss Audra, nice to meet you and thank you for being a pet and baby lover!

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