Monday, July 19, 2010

target baby stuffs

we're swimming in the diapers at my house!! (and we do it gladly!!) had to ask the hubs for an extra $20 so i could get more diapers and use my coupons before they expired - worth it i think, since we had it and i got some killer prices!!
luvs 6.99/ea sale - $2.50 and $2 Qs = $4.49-$4.99/each
huggies 8.99/ea sale + wipes (214) 5.99 reg price - $3 man Q - $3.50 T Q - $2 T Q = $15.47 for all 3
T formula 18.59/ea - i know, right? GAG ME WITH A SPOON - the other store 5 additional minutes away carries it for 16.89, but of course, they have been OUT (what?!?) the last TWO times we've gone!
gerber yogurt $2.24 sale - try me free MIR - FREE after rebate
gerber puffs/mini fruits - $1.89/$2.19 sale - 55c/2 Q
gerber stage 3 meals 67c/each sale (i'm about to stop buying baby food - she won't eat much of it - she wants mine!! so, i'll be making some stuff up for her - i'm going to the farmers market, so i may find lots of yummies there and maybe can some for later!!

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