Monday, July 19, 2010

my savings inspirations...

So, several of my friends have asked me how I save so much money with my coupons. I'm going to explain a little and share other tips I've found. First of all, please feel free to check out the following sites - if you like 'em, follow 'em!

ECoupon sites: (to save these coupons onto a shopper card such as randalls or kroger)
These coupons do not double or triple, but sometimes you can get multiples, as they are placed online for about 2 weeks then taken off (but do not necessarily expire when taken off), but may reload in next batch of coupons loaded. These savings come off automatically when you scan your card!! In addition to printed coupons!! Perfectly legit to use multiples this way (at least in Randalls - Safeway store - according to their coupon policy). It may also be a good idea to check out your favorite stores' policies and print them out even to carry with you with all your coupons, in case they are needed - you'd be surprised how many employees don't know their own store's policy!! - *NEW* you can also print coupons from here now!

and possibly:
Proctor & Gamble esaver site

Hope these help! Don't get discouraged! Clip your coupons, load your coupons, make your lists then shop those sales!!

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