Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday: Ode to the Chevy Traverse with a couple of choruses of stupid, stupid ignorance

FRIDAY:  Freebies in my mailbox from this week!!  

4 TENA pantiliners + $2 Q
2 AA ENERGIZER Lithium Batteries + $2 Q
1 photo mousepad from - completely free!!

-transaction 1:
bought U by Kotex tampons
$4.99 sale - $1 man Q (website) = $3.99
+4.99 ECBs
bought 3 muskateers bar
$0.50 sale
OOP (out of pocket)= $4.86
-transaction 2:
bought diapers (96 ct - more than the Cruisers counterpart)
$21.99 sale - $1.50 VocalPoint Q = $20.49
used $4.99 ECBs from tampons = $15.50
+ $10 ECBs
bought M&Ms (4)
sale $0.50 = $2.00
OOP = $18.95
-transaction 3:
bought 2 dove bars
$0.50 sale = $1.00 - free dove bar CVS Q (printed from kiosk @ store - max value 0.79)
OOP= $0.23

*Special note:  Make sure you buy a green bag tag for 99c - scan it with each visit and every 4th visit, get a free ECB! (pays for itself after 4 scanned visits)

I finally scored my diapers after 3 (count them, THREE) CVSs.  Apparenly none of the people I came into contact with yesterday chewed their Flintstones or ate their wheaties  - they fell way short!  My store didn't have them in Lulu's size, so the cashier called another store and we got some saved for me at the front desk.  She gave me directions and off we went.  Then, hubs called and wanted me to go home (figures) and buy our plane tickets to visit Grandma and Grandpa.  We are getting close, so we needed to buy them quick, before the prices jacked up again! So, since I realized he was right (write it down), I went home.  I got the tickets and grabbed the rest of my quiche for lunch, so I saved even more money.  I then went to the 2nd CVS - on the other side of town - which was fine, as long as I get my diapers and my ECBs.  But did I?  NOOOOOoooooo.  The lady there didn't initally act like she even wanted to talk to me, much less help me.  And for those of you who know me, you know how well that went over!!  She proceeded to tell me there were no diapers behind the counter.  And yes, I tried Aisle 9 on the left side.  No size 3 - every other friggin' size was there, but NO 3s!!
So, back up to the counter I go to talk to the lady again.  I explain we called from my original store to have some put on hold.  I told I talked to the guy myself.  She looks at the teenager there and asked if he talked to me about diapers.  He, of course, says "no".  So, I explain myself again.  She asked who I talked to at the store.  I said that I wasn't sure the lady's name, but it started with a N and she was the AA lady who worked at the front - she's the only one.  So this lady called the original store to find out where they called, since it was not this #2 store.  I hear her on the phone describing the lady I spoke with and she says, "Uh huh.  Interesting.  Well, thanks anyway."  I said, "she doesn't remember where she called, does she?".  She says, "no, there is no AA woman working there".  Turns out #2 CVS lady called the wrong CVS, as did the #1 lady.  We finally call store #3 - they have size three, and the lady hangs up!!  I ask for the # again to call and have them hold the diapers (has she learned NOTHING with all of this?!?!?).  SO, as I'm going out the door, I get the #3 CVS on the phone and #2s lady comes out and says #1 lady called and she DID call the #3 store, too!!  GOOD GRIEF!!  So, I explain myself to the man at #3 store and he just says "yes ma'am".  I asked if he was the one I talked to earlier, he says, "yes ma'am".  He says he also talked to the lady in the background (CVS #2) and the other lady (#1).  {bless his heart}  I asked if my size 3 diapers were still on hold - to which he says (you guessed it) "yes, ma'am".  I said, "thank you so much, this has been a huge confusion, I'll be there shortly!"  I got all the way to the light (it's on a corner), and realized that if I left and went the opposite direction, I'd still have to come this way to go to Randall's for the few things I wanted there with coupons.  So, I pulled a U-ey and went to Randalls - after all, they were holding the diapers for me, right?  So, to Randall's I went and I got my stuff pretty much without a problem, but then came the checkout...  nothing but problems....  First, I got the Fruit2Days - I had coupons for the twin pack, but they only had singles.  I wanted to try them, so I took them to the register and had them separated w/their coupons, and asked if I could use the coupons on the singles, because they did not carry the twin packs.  First, the fabulous cashier, who has been a team member since way back in 2009, had to read the coupons fifty zillion times, like it was a crossword puzzle.  Then, she informs me I have duplicate coupons. I said, I know, there are 4 of them!  She says, "well, IF they let these go through, you can only use 2, because you'll have to buy 2 for each, since they are for a twin pack. I said, that's fine.  She said, "and that's if they let you."  I said, "fine, ask if they'll let me.  I'm paying more buying them as singles, but I really want to try them".  So, she finally takes the Qs to the service desk to ask the higher ups if we could use the Qs.  She came back, and of course, they would NOT let me use them. So I said, that's fine - I'll try to find them elsewhere.  She wanted to tell me that they would issue me a raincheck and I could use the coupons too.  I told her (for about the third time) they do NOT have them.  So, she proceeded with my order.  All was fine until she came to the oatmeal - priced 10/$10 - they rang up for $1.99.  So, she felt the need ask about a "per piece" price. I told her I had no idea - the yellow sign said 10/$10.  She called someone over for a price check and in the meantime decided it was a good time to lecture me on their pricing policies and x for $x sales.  Then she decides to look in the sales ad for the oatmeal - I told her it was on sale last week - it's not in the ad.  Finally the guy comes over and then she had to explain all of that to him - you know 'cuz he didn't work there!  {bless HIS heart!} So, she completes my order while he's gone - I apologize to the lady behind me, who goes to another line with half of her stuff.  The guy finally comes back and plops the oatmeal down on her printer and says "10 for 10".  I was thinking, nah nah nah nah nah naaaah, but I said, thank you.  So, instead of voiding the wrong price and rescanning it to adjust the price, she manually inputs a store coupon for the price difference (after checking it out with her trusty calculator - because you know in some countries, you might wake up and $1.99 minus $1 might equal 457 or 37 or H).  She then has to closely study my other coupons for what seemed like an hour and a half.  She scans the coupons. And then, the Campbell's coupon doesn't scan right.  So, instead of trying again, she says "you have to buy 2 to use this". I said, "I know, that's why I did - one cream of mushroom and chicken and one cream of chicken".  So, she manually overrides this, the whole time talking about having to be careful for all the coupons, b/c so many of them are frauds.  This one came directly from the Campbell's website, so I think I'm okay.  I ask her if she's not going to double it. She says, oh yeah and does, but then she stops and says (Remember the flintstones she didn't chew this morning? This is where it comes into play - I have bought 2 cans of soup to use with a 50c/2 Q and Randall's policy is to double if 50c and below. )     ma'am, it doesn't read that you get 50c off of each of them, just 50 cents.  I said I know, but you need to double that coupon, because it's 50c.  She said, "no, you don't understand what the coupon says".  I say, your store's policy is to double 50c and below coupons. She said in a haughty attitude, "well, I guess I'll just leave it (read: for YOU THIS time)". I said, "yeah, you do that".  She then scanned the last 50c coupon and it read under it on the screen "multiplied [doubled] coupon" 50c.  I said, "I wasn't trying to be tricky - look at your screen - that one doubled, too.  Doesn't matter what you had buy or how many you had to buy to get the coupon, if it's 50c or below, it doubles here."
My next transaction (God forbid) was 6 tubs of wipes.  I had only 2 coupons (save 2.50/3) - I thought it was dummy proof - WRONG!  They rang up $3.99/ea - because she scanned them and then my club card, so it was right - and it did self adjust -$12.00  in the end. She whips that calculator out again, I thought to verify the price adjustment - wrong again!  She is mumbling to herself about the coupons and the price off.  She figures out that they are $1.99 each - bring the poor woman a noble prize!!  I said, "yes, they are."  (on a serious note here - scan the coupons and if they come off, you musta scanned the item.  If it doesn't, that's when you really need to pay attention and maybe ask questions, or go through the bags).  We finally got that taken care of.  So I jet off and she calls out to me for my receipt.  I go back to get it.  I found another coupon for an additional sugar that I can get today at my feet while she was arguing or lecturing or mumbling, I forget which.  So, I go to get the sugar and FINALLY accidentally find the Bisquick (found only one too-small size earlier).  I had several e-coupons already on my card for it, and had an additional 50c coupon that gets, what? DOUBLED (so, a total of $2.50 off). And no, I did NOT go back through her line - I went to self-checkouts.  Still had an issue with a coupon, but it was resolved.  So, this transaction only costs $1.58 - less than half price of either item.   So, needless to say, I wanted to tie this poor woman's hair around her neck and choke her with it.  And I still had to go to #3 CVS.  So, that's where we headed, Lulu and I.  Had no issues at CVS #3.  We found the diapers behind the counter - he saved the Cruisers for me and I went back to double check them - found the 12hr dry - 20 more diapers for the same price - so, those were the ones that went home with us.  We bought the U tampons first and applied that ECB to the diapers w/the Q.  At the last minute I double check the Q that printed at the kiosk for the Dove chocolate.  I asked the lady if would work on the 50c/each bars. She said we'll just try it and see.  They did, so 2 Dove chocolate bars - one milk chocolate and one milk chocolate and almonds (which i'm snacking on as I type this-uummmmm) for 23c!!  That help soothe the crappy day...UNTIL......I head over to Target.  I see a lady getting in her Chevy Traverse to pull out of the first parking place (thank you Jesus).  I pull in - all the way over to the right, with my tail still a little out in the main street that runs in front of the store.  She can't manage, after about 5 tries to back up in a single lane plus some extra room.  I mean, she ran over the curb twice, I think (note to self:  back straight out if you didn't hit the curb on the way in, THEN turn).  She finally rolls her window down, sticks her head and her arm out (Lord help me) and says, with a swatting motion, can you move?!?.  Luckily, Lulu was with me, so ALL I said, was can't back your car, you don't need to drive it.  Of course, she heard none of this.  Probably better that way - for both of us.  So, needless to day was crappy....but my deals made up for them!!  

Here's the Randall's deals:
Bisquick 40 oz - 2.79 - 1.50 e coupons - 50cQ - 50c doubled Q=0.29
4# C&H sugars 2.29 sale (reg 2.99) - 50cQs - 50c DQ =  2.58 or 1.29/ea
huggies wipe tubs 1.99 sale/each x 6 = 11.94 - 2.50Q (printed) - 2.50 Q (printed) = 6.94 or 1.16 ea - and I even gave my third coupon to another lady on the baby aisle
1# brown rice - 0.75 sale
egg noodles (for diddy's dumplins) 1.25
kellogg's frosted flakes - sale 1.99 ea - $1Q (printed) = 2.98 or 1.49 each - not the best, maybe, but good price and I wanted them!
campbells soups (2) 1.25 ea = 2.50 -50c Q - 50cDQ = 1.50 or 0.75 ea
better oats oatmeal (5 pouches/box) - 1.00 ea - BOGOF Q from site = 1.00 or 50c each box
peaches (4 large) 68c/# = 1.33
smoothie makers (all you add is ice) 2.00 ea -$1Q for each = 2.00 or 1.00 each
swanson chicken cans 1.69each = 3.38 - $1Q/2 - 2.28 or 1.14 each

lastly Target...
4 transactions:
First, I filled a new Rx and got a $10 GC.  The 2 J&J first aid kits were free - 0.97/ea with 3.00/2 Q - target adjusts down automatically now.
Tag Jr Backyardigans Opposites book - clearance to 2.74 - $3 printed Q = FREE
so, I just paid for my Rxs.

Transaction 2:
BIC Soleil razors (3 pk) price drop to 3.99 - $3Q from paper = 0.99 each (unheard of!!) x 2
Schick Quattro WMN  - $5 GC wyb 2 - 5.49 each - $4Q from memory game on facebook - $2 Q from paper (plus $5 GC)
U by kotex tampons sale 3.84 - $1 TQ - $1printed Q = 1.84
total 10.41 (maybe not the BEST total, but there's a method to my madness)

transaction 3: (had to be done twice...first time, I overshot by a lot on my budget...I was SO tired, I didn't keep up with my totals like I should have! I was soooo embarrassed...but the two young men who helped me were great!)

wheat thins flatbread crackers (for sew cute on tuesday with cream cheese and pepper jelly)  sale $2 - $1Q = $1
soft soap hand pumps 0.99 - (2)0.50Q - $1/2 TQ (thanks, Candace) = FREE
Head and shoulders (one of my favorite deals) - 4.74 each - $3/2 Q (blinky from randalls) - BOGOF from paper - 1.47 for both or 0.73 each!!!
MP green beans (no salt added) 0.67 (3c more NOT to put the salt in it!)
MP peas and carrots (no salt added) 0.67  ("baby" foods)
bagel bites 2.24 price drop x2 - $1 printed Qs - $1 TQs = 0.48 or 0.24 EACH
ritz crackerfuls sale $2 - $1Q = $1
ranch style black eyed peas 0.71 sale - these go with the rice and corn for a vege meal
MP corn (no salt added) 0.67
chef boyardee 0.92 each x 4 = 3.68 - (2) $1 coupons (adjusted to 0.92) - 1.50/4 printed Q = 0.34 or 8.5c each!!  and 2 of them are for Lulu!!  talk about cheap baby food!
baby no spill bubbles - for Lulu and her friend Baby J's party - they are sharing their first birthday party this year - they're 1 day apart - of course, Lulu is the OLDER woman! :) clearance 0.48 each = 0.96
green works laundry detergent 90 oz new price 9.99 - $3 printed Q - $3TQ = 3.99
up and up blueberry puffs 1.59 (she will still eat baby snacks)
juicy juice - 4 packs - 2 toddler size and 2 "regular" size - apple and fruit punch - 1.99/2.29 each = 8.56
-$1 printed Q for all (2 TQ and 2 Q) - $2/4 printed = 2.56 or 0.64 each (8pks)
gillette men's deo 4.24 - $2Q from paper (last day to use) - 2.24
betty crocker helpers 1.25 each x 3 -0.75/3Q printed = 3.00 or $1 each (one to use with can of chicken from randalls, one with tuna pouch for free from walmart and one with hamburger in freezer)
total 13.38

last Target transaction was by far the most fun....
Fisher Price learning cow (those who know me - surprised?  nope, LOVE cows - Lulu even is trying to "moo") - 3.74 on clearance (75% off)
sand truck and dump truck - summer clearance 1.38 each
push and go truck 1.24 toy clearance
(all for J's birthday gift)
we, as a family, are going on a chartered boat trip with church next weekend.  Now, for those of you who know me, know it has been engrained in my head, my WHOLE life, do not go on the dock or the boat without a life jacket until you can swim.  Even after the littler ones could swim, they still have to wear a life jacket on the boat!  Now, Lulu cannot swim yet and while it is highly unlikely that anything will happen with the boat (please, Jesus) still has been nagging at me that she does not have a life jacket.  I have looked, too, believe it or not, but EVERYTHING I've seen has been for 2 and up.  I found this baby at Target (love that store) for 27.99 - holds infants until they are 30#.  now, Lulu's cousin, Lola was 25# at a year, but seeing as Lulu is only 18# at 9 months, I think it will hold us for a while!  so, it worked like this:
27.99 - $10 GC - $5 GC - $5 from a MIR = I paid only 7.99!!! WOO HOO!!  Now, baby is safe and so is our pocket!!
Well, this LLLOOOOOOooonnnnnngggg post has taken most of the evening on and off today!  I'm exhausted from my GREAT day today with the hubs!  He cooked breakfast for us this morning - scrambled eggs and cheese with fried bologna and toast with jelly.  Then, we took his van to have the oil changed and drove around.  I do not have pictures, unfortunately, because I didn't know we weren't coming right back home - left the camera next to the laptop so I could download my shopping pictures!  We drove all around Texas!!  And for lunch, we went to what I believe is the only one in Texas and the BEST RESTAURANT IN THE HISTORY OF THE guessed it if you said KRYSTAL!!! WOOOOT WOOOOT!!  Those Fort Hood folks eat good!!  I haven't had it since I've been in Texas (well, with the exception of my trip back to GA to visit my fam - my mama and I ate there twice the first week!)  History lesson:  When Summer was little, for her birthday, her mama and daddy let her pick anywhere she wanted to go to eat.... she always picked Krystal - always!  Then we dropped by an antique shop (too expensive) and a cute little (albeit smelly - candle smelly) decorative shop, and a stamp shop.  I bought a million buttons - no really, I bought 85 - but, all hand picked, while Daddy held Lulu and kept her company, which is something for such a busy girl.  While I was picking through the buttons, I overhead the lady running the shop say that Joyce Meyer taught a class there at this shop, actually tomorrow, would be teaching a class!  Small world!  Didn't even know she was in this area - I know Beth Moore is in Houston, but no idea about Joyce Meyer!
So, like I was saying....LONG 2 days....tired and the honey is picking out his team for the upcoming basketball season in playstation land and I'm tired and wanna go to bed!! GOOD NIGHT, SLEEP TIGHT!!!


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