Monday, July 19, 2010

randall's savings - last week

this was actually an accident - i was supposed to buy the diapers on one transaction - actually slid my card and everything, but apparently the cashier cancelled it and with all the coupon talk, i missed it - so, for this trip to randalls (safeway), i spent only $11.65 - not too shabby considering i got $5 worth of paper plates (GOOD "usual/sale" price) and $9 (sale price - reg is $11) of diapers!!
4 nivea chapsticks - 99c sale/each - 2 $2/2 Q = FREE
tone blueberry soap 2 pk - $1.04 on clearance (smells divinely yummy)
chicken/broccoli rice - $1 sale (good meal for next week)
cake mix 99c - for hubby
then GREAT gen mills/betty crocker sale - buy 4 products, save $4 AND get a FREE box of granola bars - plus i had coupons (paper AND electronic - from 2 sites!!!!) for all products AND i got double coupons for the paper ones!!! (so, less than $2 i think on those FIVE items) holy cow!! i'm beginning to see a future's not the bogof king publix, but it's pretty darn good!!

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